Do you have a content marketing plan and blog as part of your search engine ranking strategy? Has you SEO spoken to you about really driving beyond technical SEO strategies and merely highlighting that blogs are important from a keyword perspective? This article brings together content that really links blogs and content management strategies to search engine optimization ranking to explain how blogging can help search rankings.  There’s gold in these here words!

For many businesses, the though of building a simple blog can appear to be a daunting task since they feel overwhelmed by content production aspects of it.  Irrespective of what industry your business is in, you’re going to initially feel that you’re boxed into a limited set of keywords and it’s difficult to come up with topics for your blog.

Increase Organic Rankings Through Blogging

A personal injury (PI) lawyer should stick to content surrounding accidents injury related malpractices and should not talk about hunting or auto racing,…..Correct? Maybe at first glance.

You’re feeling this way because you want to provide the best information to prospects coming to your website. The following articles have been complied to make you understand that this is NOT the case. Check out this article to help you with branching out with your content strategy.

Why Brands Need to Branch Out From Product-Focused Content

Move beyond the traditional silos for content and expand your content offering. This will provide more writing opportunities, more interesting content opportunities and a broader reach.

The old adage “Write what you know” may be a helpful guide for aspiring short story writers, but it can actually be a limiting mindset for brands that want to produce ambitious content.

What companies know best will always be their products and services, but there are other topics that fall within their areas of expertise that offer far more value to consumers. In fact, a study by Kentico Software found that 74 percent of the general public trusts content from companies that educate them on a topic, but when those same companies include a product-focused message in their content, credibility drops by 29 percent.

The good news: Brands are really starting to embrace this storytelling that eschews self-promotion. Take Dove, which would be fine with commercials that market reduced-residue soap, but has moved forward instead with “Real Beauty” videos about confidence that really tug on our heartstrings and leave a lasting impression.

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Will My Organic Rankings Suffer if I don’t Have a Blog?

Blogging can help with search marketing and traffic generation to your website.

Simply put, a blog allows you to gain search engine results page (SERP) real estate, which can provide additional touch points for users to discover your brand. In creating new content, you will inevitably be expanding your keyword set — though I highly recommend performing keyword mapping (using Google’s Keyword Planner tool) and pre-planning your strategy to avoid keyword overlap and URL confusion.

Do note that recent changes have made it increasingly more difficult to get accurate keyword data from Google. In order to see “normal” search volume ranges, you will need to have a significant amount of ad spend with Google. It may be helpful to sync up with your paid search team to create a workaround.

This article does a great job of looking at the limitations or boxed in a pure “keyword” approach to SEO and blogging and strengthens the fact that blogging can help search rankings. As a product of improvement it suggests that we take a slightly broader view of how we leverage topical content to SEO and tying it back to a desired conversion funnel. There is clear evidence of blogging benefits for building both brand presence and organic traffic generation. A byproduct of good outside the box content generation and modern day search engine optimization best practices.

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12 Tips for Content Marketing from an SEO Perspective

Tips & Helpful Pointers When Leveraging Blogging for SEO

Incorporate the following content tips early in the SEO process, not after building your website or content strategy.  This will allow you to maximize qualified traffic to your business. With your buyer persona in mind, think through the desired action from end point backwards. Think about the sale and work backwards from both a funnel and content perspective. What are the questions your buyer personas have, what are core offers you provide for your buyer persona, the trigger points into your sales funnel, etc. Given that these articles emphasize that blogging can help search rankings, it critical to think through these questions.  Here is a high-level list provided by ClickZ and Search Engine Watch:

  • Break down ‘silos’ when creating your team
  • Know your goals
  • Do a content audit
  • Don’t create content for content’s sake
  • Create data-driven content – and make it newsworthy
  • Get exclusives for your content (but make sure you’re the source)
  • Create content that answers questions
  • Understand what triggers Quick Answers, and play to it
  • Make the customer the hero
  • Remember that you’re building an audience – not just traffic or links
  • Explore relevant syndication partners
  • Just Do It.

Read the original article (with full details for each of the 12 content marketing tips) created by ClickZ and Search Engine Watch.

B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America

Are you still unconvinced that blogs and content marketing are a great fit? While they say past performance is no predictor of future results, we can certainly glean nuggets of gold from 2016 and start implementing them in 2017. This article by Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs sponsored by Brightcove does a great job of analyzing content marketing stats and lessons learned that should be reviewed against you current content efforts or as a checklist before you start one. It covers at high-level

  • Industry snapshot for B2B Marketers and Their Content Strategy Success

B@B Content Marketing Success Compared to 1 Year Ago

  • Effective Content Tactics

Content Management Tactics by B2B Marketers

  • Channels to Distribute your Content and Build Trust

B2B Content Marketing Channels


Truly some valuable statistics that worth the time to review.  Full research guide from Content Marketing Institute.


SEO and Digital Trends in 2017

So Where is search engine optimization going for 2017?  Have you invested figuring out how this highly-effective marketing approach can help you business?  It’s still not too late to start looking at implementing SEO strategies.  It would be wise to take a look at some trends to help with your overall plan.  Start leveraging blogging to build brand awareness.  Consider reviving it as blogging can help search rankings based on the statistics present in this post.

SEO Trends

It was an intense year, especially when it came to SEO and Google in particular. Because I’m deeply convinced that we cannot attempt any preview of the future without considering what happened in the past, I invite you to look back at the events that have marked the evolution of Google in the past 10 months.

It is important to note that, contrary to more classic Google timelines, I prefer to see all Google-related events in the same place. I believe it’s the only way we can escape from a too-narrow vision of where Google is headed:

Blue: Official Google Updates
Red: Businesses/companies acquired by Google/Alphabet
Green: Main posts in Google Webmaster Blog
Purple: Main Google patents published
Brown: Products Google launched in the market



2016 Content Marketing Timeline Of Events


Image Credit: Gianluca Fiorelli & MOZ

Continue reading about SEO Trends for 2017 from MOZ

Final Thoughts on How Blogging Can Help Search Rankings

If you don’t have a blog or not really putting much effort into it, it’s time that you start. A consistent blogging cadence will prove that blogging can help search rankings. If you want to succeed, stay relevant and top of mind to your customers and to Search Engines, combining Content into your SEO activities.

Dominate your market through creativity, understanding how SEO connects to conversion funnels, and start with the end in mind.  These are valuable tips to help your marketing efforts.  Also, ensure know which channels your buys live on, build your content library and advanced SEO strategies according to data and you’ll have success. Just make sure content/blogging is part of your digital strategy and start today!

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