Instagram Adds Business Profiles To Assist Marketers

Instagram Adds Business Profiles – With 70 million daily users (400 million in total) and 77.6 million being from the US, Instagram is a hotbed for marketing in this day and age (1). Facebook see’s the value of advertising which has lead to Instagram see the value of ad revenue stream.

The world of social media has grown, and businesses are looking to employ meaningful tactics to maximize their returns.

FaceBook has done an exceptional job with their “Business” pages and helping companies set up profiles, but other social media platforms have joined in now.  In this post, Instagram will be the topic of discussion to highlight this development.

Recently, Instagram released a new algorithm update which includes various business tools for enterprises looking to implement strategies on the platform. The headlines screamed “Instagram adds business profiles”, but what does this change mean? Lets take a look at some of these changes centered around businesses.

Let’s take a look.

Provides Separate Business Account On Instagram

In the past, Instagram was running an all-encompassing system. The idea was for everyone to have access to the same user settings and account setup processes.

This meant it didn’t matter whether you were an individual user or a large business. The account would function in the same manner. Now, the average user wouldn’t care, but a large business needed a lot more to make things work.

This was troubling because user engagement became an issue. Businesses found it harder to connect with their target market.

Instagram, as a result, sat down with hundreds of companies to accumulate opinions on what should be done and how it should be carried out. The result has been this recent algorithm change. Businesses are now able to set up a “business” account under the name of their company (2).

Additional features are made available for these accounts upon approval (2).

Tools Provided To Optimize Business Page

Instagram will provide a list of tools for these business accounts upon approval. The goal is to have these businesses grow their accounts using the tools given to them. These are tools that cannot be found anywhere else and will be optimized to maximize each and every account.  Business owners are attached by the amount of data that is presented and the insights that can be gleaned for optimizing your page.

The idea of being handed important tools to push the business account upwards is something no one is going to pass up.

Emphasis On Post Engagement

What is the purpose of this beyond helping differentiate businesses from average users? Is it simply about giving tools to businesses to help grow their accounts? No, the desire is to become the “go-to” stop for businesses in fulfilling their social media requirements.

Post engagement was low for businesses and leads were slow to come in.  Therefore, with the latest changes, post engagement has become the focal point of Instagram, and it shows.

This is the first benefit everyone highlighted when the headlines rang out “Instagram adds business profiles.”

“Instagram Promote”

Let’s move onto the next tool that is present as it is not just about “business profiles”. The second tool goes by the name of “Instagram Promote”.

With this tool, the goal is to help businesses promote their accounts and get them in front of as many people as possible. With a business account, it will be easier to target a particular post on the page (as chosen by the business) and market it to the audience.

A call-to-action button will be placed alongside the image to help attract users and increase post engagement.

How will this help promote the post though? This is a great question, and the idea is to help put it in front of people who will be eager to click. Instagram and its algorithm can assist with the process of targeting, or the business can select who they want to target (3). Both methods are available.

There is a built-in system that helps with this part of the process.

Instagram Insight

The last tool would be “Instagram Insight” and is just as powerful as the other two. Instagram Insights is a tool that allows you to optimize your actions taken on the platform.  Business must find the right balance between engaging  users and maximizing the ability to capture leads and convert them into customers.

Instagram insights is designed to help provide data on how your account is performing in terms of user engagement. It will pinpoint which posts are doing better and why they are doing better. It will provide insight into the demographics of your audience and where they are coming from (3)

With a neat collection of analytics all compiled in one place, marketers will be able to formulate wholesome plans for their next campaigns. It is a way to learn about the target market and increase conversions.

It is essential to have this information to cater to this audience on a regular basis. With this information, it is possible to increase engagement with ease and that is what Instagram is going for.

Benefits of Instagram for Your Business

Businesses who are aiming to increase their social media exposure have to consider these tools as a meaningful addition to their arsenal. There is nothing better than being able to use these tools to approach new leads and eventually convert them into sales.

Instagram has taken a huge step forward with these enhancements and it should bode well to the amount of money coming in for the platform in the near future.

Instagram adds business profiles to the list of powerful changes it has made in recent times. It has started to focus on the business side of things, and this algorithm change is the beginning of more to come.