Digital Marketing IsComplicated, Never Works, Wastes Money, No ROI.  Is that what you tell yourself when you think about search engine optimization, Facebook marketing, AdWords or other PPC platforms?

We as digital marketers can understand how these feeling could have been developed but “Like a good neighbor, Client Surge is there” to help inspire you and help you see the potential.

The great thing about the digital marketing landscape is there are so many options that you can monetize on. It’s valuable to learn how existing brands are using digital platforms to reach customers, drive brand awareness and monetize.

Make sure your business is be exposed to successful marketing case studies, makes meaningful correlations to your business, build, execute and refine the process.

Check out this great video by Claire Mas, Head of Digital, Communion Music (UK).

Video Source: Want to get ahead of the curve and shape your digital marketing strategies in line with the latest trends?

Digital Marketing Trend Notable Takeaways:

  • Leverage Influencers to help you market your products  and/or services
    • J Khalid – SnapChat – learn how they are, what they’re doing and take action (find influencers that would help your brand and would work with you)
  • Video Trends
    • Video content is driving a lot of traffic and creates considerable content engagement
    • HyperLaps videos on Instagram is a great example of video that captures attention
    • Facebook Videos: Facebooks want you to use live stream videos and they’ll give you more content views if you implement them. Facebook live stream enhances your ability to get customer views.
    • Create Video announcements and share across social platforms
  • YouTube should absolutely be leveraged. Take content from your YouTube channel and make small 20 to 30 second bites for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Messaging Apps
    • Growing VERY fast as a way to sell and communicate with prospects and customers
    • Facebook Messenger || WeChat in China || Line in Japan
    • WeChat – Used to do everything on this app such as buying tickets, reserving reservations, ordering taxis, and buying goods. Dominating in China and could be a model that other countries emulate.
    • Apps in Apps. Applications to do the above within it’s native messaging application. Eg. Book your flight with United by chatting with them online.

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Given the number of digital channels you have at your disposal, understand that it takes time, experience and resources to fully implement and integrate them into sustainable marketing and sales processes.

Remove the though that digital marketing is complicated, never works, wastes money, no ROI. If you’re  new to the digital marketing game, find the right agency or consultants that will deliver a success strategy and systems platform.

For many business owners and marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in shiny object syndrome when looking for the right digital marketing strategy and the agency that can execute. This leads to many businesses opting for cheap services in order to mitigate “risk’, but this inevitably is the reason they’ve got poor results.

Cheap services can come in the form of low cost consultants and services learning on your dime.  It includes incomplete or underfunded campaigns that don’t have adequate resources to deliver success.  Or it can include a combination of all.

Client Surge SEO believes that a well though out marketing strategy, funded appropriately, should bring an ROI of over 200%.

Content is still king, and platform(s) matter. Don’t sit on the sidelines while the competition builds their digital asset empire. Choose your digital marketing agency and platforms wisely!

Featured Image Credit:Henripontes (Owner)