With so many digital platforms, devices and applications , it can be confusing for business owners to evaluate marketing strategies. Before you know it, there is a new ad platform to learn and monetize.  Enter Periscope “Hearts” Twitter’s revenue play for 2017 and onward.  It’s important to understand digital ad spend forecast, trends & hurdles for 2017 and beyond in order for you to make the right marketing plays.

Consider This:

Twitter is ramping up the revenue options for its live-streaming app, Periscope. A couple of weeks after inserting ads before some Periscope videos, Twitter is introducing an ad format that can appear atop a live or recorded Periscope broadcast the company announced on Monday.


Called Custom Hearts, the new ad format takes the standard hearts that appears on-screen when people like a Periscope video and mixes in branded ones. For viewers, there’s no action required to use a Custom Heart. If the brand and/or person posting the live stream has activated the campaign, then the branded hearts will be automatically blended with the regular hearts that appear when a viewer likes the video.

Source: Marketing Land – Twitter’s latest ad format turns Periscope hearts into branded ones.

If you’ve not heavily invested in any video platform heavily, you can certainly look at Periscope Hearts as an option but my advice would to be to stick to proven platforms and funnels for video and not blaze the trails with Hearts yet. Hire a competent digital marketing agency that can implement video marketing strategies.  Ensure they leverage ROI proven platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  This will allow you to build your momentum and digital asset base.

Following the money is a great way to know what’s working. Google and Facebook will continue to dominate the digital advertising space for 2017.

The forecast from market research company eMarketer shows that Google is likely to make $72.69 billion in ad revenues in 2017, while Facebook will make $33.76 billion. Together, that equates to a 46.4 percent share of advertisers’ total global digital ad spend.

Source Here: eMarketer

Whether it’s Google’s AdWords, Facebook and YouTube Ads, Instagram Photo and Video Ads, these are the platforms to master. Don’t forget to keep a pulse on other platforms such as SnapChat. Notice something, many of these platforms are social, mobile enabled, and seeing large user engagement with video content.

We all know video marketing is “killing it” across major digital platforms in terms of engagement.  Ensure you have video advertising as part of your sales and monetization funnel. Business Insider’s article does a great job of summarizing content delivered by BI Intelligence “Digital Media Briefing”. It provides some valuable trends for social video ad spend this year through 2021.

Noteworthy highlights provided :

  • By 2020, mobile will be the biggest online advertising market, and video the fastest growing.

  • So-called “walled gardens” Google and Facebook lead a relatively small group of players that attract the vast majority of digital-ad spending in the US today. 

  • Growth can be challenging for players outside the walled-garden duopoly, and many companies are reaching a level of maturity that may prompt investors to push for an exit.

  • Ad tech is poised for consolidation, and probably the number of companies in the industry will decline significantly.

  • Companies specializing in certain ad formats like mobile, video, and TV are attractive targets. They are well positioned to take advantage of the fastest growing segments of digital media.

Full Story Here: Business Insider

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