The Combined Power of Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization

Those who are in internet marketing would understand the importance of increasing traffic to their websites. This is possible by choosing different types of digital marketing techniques and methods.  Combining Power SEO & PPC is an effective way of dominating your presence on page one of the search results. PPC or Pay Per Click is a quick way being used to grow web traffic for businesses. In this article, discover how PPC could be effective in helping your business grow significantly over the next year. This is irrespective of the fact whether you are new to this business or an established player. It costs money to run any digital marketing campaign with PPC being no exception to this rule.  With PPC your campaign manager can easily control spend through disciplined daily budgets and proper reporting. If you wish to dominate the search results quickly, implement PPC while building out organic ranking with SEO strategies.

Which Option To Choose

However, at times you could be confronted with a number of choices. There are many users who support PPC as being more effective in increasing traffic rather than implement search engine rankings. Conversely, there’re many businesses who primarily utilize SEO for driving traffic to they various landing pages. However, at the end of the day both have their unique features and advantages and it is always advisable to use them together. Hence it would be interesting to look at the benefits of using PPC in combination with SEO.

What Are The Benefits of PPC & SEO

Some businesses choose PPC initially to get their product of service offering at the top of the search engines rather than spend the time and resources in building organic search optimization strategy. For maximizing traffic, it’s advisable to define a comprehensive  approach rather than a single pronged or piecemeal strategy. As a digital marketing expert, we advise clients to use both SEO and PPC to maximize traffic where it makes sense to. Though many people are aware of this, many times they experiment with either one of them and end up not getting a truly impactful traffic campaign.

Benefits of PPC

Though it would always be advisable to PPC and SEO, there are some obvious benefits as far as PPC is concerned and it would be worth having a look at them. There are two types of customers who search the internet looking for dentists. The first groups of people are those who are there just to gather some information about dentists and dentistry and general. They may not have immediate requirement of dentists. Hence they could be useful in the future from the service providers’ point of view. However, it would always be better to look for the second group of persons. They are the ones who urgently are in need of dentists because they are suffering from pain or other problems. They would be the ones who would be interested to find out the right dentists and get their problems rectified on a war footing.

Information Is Time Relevant

Another big reason why it might make sense to go in for PPC is because it has features such as flash sales or time bound sales which perhaps are best managed using PPC. This will be a great way to attract customers who are looking for immediate and time bound solutions. You will be able to generate sales immediately and this is you want at the end of the day.

The initial return of investment is usually higher with PPC campaigns because the cost per conversion is much lower when compared to SEO.  Search optimization, when done correctly, will provide for longer term / “evergreen” returns.  Further, the date that is available in a PPC model is useful and it provides the customers with the actual conversion figures for working out the return on investment. It is also a great way by which you can know the value and relevance of a particular keywords work well. Therefore you can avoid beading around the bush in more ways than one.

The results will be there for you to see within a few hours. This is another great reason why it might be better to opt for PPC. Therefore when one looks at things from the right perspective the following are the four main reasons why one should use PPC.

PPC & SEO For Start-up Businesses

It can help fledgling business units to move up the ladder and scale up volumes based on quality traffic. You need as a dental specialist, patients and you need them daily. So you don’t have time to run around doing the marketing job. In such situations PPC can help you to get the first lot of patients and your digital marketing expert can help to scale things up.  This would depend on the first run and how successful it is. The city in which you are and social demographics also will have a role to play.

It helps Businesses grow geometrically. If your business takes off initially and if you wish to grow in a rapid fashion, there is no doubt that PPC is the ideal way forward. It will help you expand into other towns and cities. The other prospects will be able to see the reason for your success and the reviews from your first tranche of customers will do the marketing for you through their reviews. If you get stuck and are not able to move from one level to another PPC can help. Though SEO also is vita PPC might help to get the process kick started. However, to keep the momentum going SEO has a critical role to play.

Even established players having the best of technology, services and products will stand to benefit from PPC. It could help bring back your ex-patients who might have drifted to somebody else because of various reasons.

Should Your Business be Combining Power SEO & PPC

There is no denying the fact that PPC and SEO and perfectly complementary to one another. As mentioned above, PPC can help you to get to the top as far as search engine results are concerned. It also will help improve traffic to your website. Consistent and sustainable momentum will happen through organic SEO campaigns. Many business make the error of not investing the adequate time and budget to develop the optimized PPC or SEO campaigns. This is a very myopic way of looking at things. Leave the cost to the digital marketer and he will do a good job of it.

Best Of Strategy Optimization

If you use PPC and SEO as a combined package you can analyze twice the data. This will make the job cheaper, easier and more effective. A combined PPC & SEO strategy will give you coverage across the keyword spectrum for your business and engage searchers on various positions of the search results. It will then help you to make a final choice based on facts and figures rather than hitting something in the dark.

PPC Will Enable Better Selection Of Keywords

PPC keyword selection will help you to select the right keywords and preform quick rounds of teasing to determine what copy and keywords convert quickly.  The lessons learned from your PPC campaigns can be utilized to define successful content and SEO campaign without having to spend a lot of time getting to what works. A combined approached will also help you to make best use of a particular service or technology. You can make use of optimized write ups and graphics to improve click through rates for both PPC and SEO campaigns. Therefore it will be a win-win situation from all points of view. Your data search will become that much more efficient because you will know exactly which keyword combination worked best as far as your website and the PPC ads were concerned.

It will Help You To Counter Negative Review In Press

Despite executing flawlessly, every business runs into customers that are difficult to deal with.  Some of these customers resort to leaving negative reviews on review sites irrespective of great service. When you start off with PPC and then use SEO you are on a better platform to acquire customers quickly and develop relationships to garner excellent reviews. PPC will help overcome negative feedback and by putting you at the top os the search results, if done correctly, and reduce the impact of negative reviews. It can circumvent searchers from initially stumbling across any negative reviews and direct them directly to your website landing pages. The Gulf Oil Spill campaign is a great example of leveraging PPC to overcome negative reviews or brand impression. The PPC ads diverted people to the cleanup efforts rather than focus on the negative impact of the massive spill.  They would have benefitted even further from the Combining Power SEO & PPC provides.

Combines PPC & SEO Increases Click Through Rates

It also helps a lot in increasing CTC rates when you use SEO and PPC in the right combination. This will help significantly in enhancing your reputation and the list of prospective customers will also grow fast when you use the right combination of organic search and PPC. At the end of the day there is no doubt that your click through and conversion rates will be improve significantly. There are many case studies and the one by Search Engine Watch could be a useful resource. It will help understand better why backing up PPC with SEO campaign is important for getting the right results.

The main objective for any combined digital marketing campaign is to ensure that you have an optimal combination of PPC and SEO. Depending on PPC alone will not get you the results which you want. It would not be right to experiment, fail and then move forward. You will be losing valuable time, money and effort and end up on the losing side.

PPC & SEO Carbs & Proteins

Therefore it is important to identify a good SEO specialist simultaneously as you are running a PPC campaign. Think of PPC as carbohydrates and fats to give you website instant energy (traffic).  SEO would then be considered as protein that sustain the muscles of continually attracting organic traffic . They are the building blocks around which your success as a dentist would depend. The organic SEO platform important and too significant to be ignored if maximizing web traffic is a lead generation goal.  Those who leave out SEO as part of their digital strategy will lose out in the customer acquisition game long term.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Professional

When hiring digital marketing professionals as somebody who is running marketing campaigns, the onus lies on you initially. You should not make the mistake which most of us make. They start off with a PPC campaign, and in almost eight out of ten cases, they’ll find the campaign is a big hit. It may have ensured doubling of traffic to your website. It will have helped to bring initial customers abut once the spend stops, you lose the customer steam.  PPC campaigns that are successful provide a temporary sense of accomplishment short term growth. Opting for the right organic SEO campaign is vital. It is not a choice which you can afford to take it or leave it so ensure you take advantage of the Combining Power SEO & PPC.


Businesses should see the importance of the combining paid organic search as a powerful web traffic strategy. While the focus might on a SEO only or PPC only strategy, only implementing one will not be efficient. We’re sure that investing resources into a well planned SEO campaign will yield higher returns when Combining Power SEO & PPC. You would have found out that both of them working in isolation will not yield the desired result.

Ask any digital marketer of repute, he or she will explain the importance of running both these campaigns together. There are crucial sale and marketing decisions which you have to take for growing your business. The Combined Power of PPC & SEO is a strategic play that will yield the best of return on your investment.