Baltimore SEO & Website Design ExpertClient Surge SEO is a Baltimore SEO & Website Design Expert that believes Search Engine Optimization is more effective when looked at compressively rather than in a “Pure SEO Only” silo.

Elements that should be considered include website design and management, citation management, content marketing, social media marketing optimization, with SEO having an integral interaction with each of the aforementioned.

It’s critical that one company be awarded the opportunity in defining and controlling the previous mentioned digital marketing areas.  By doing so, it ensures a unified vision and the congruence need to drive traffic and build a brand for your company.  It’s not cost or results efficient to have multiple firms manage these elements so it’s critical that your business engage a firm that complete all the above tasks while delivering results drive RIO to you business.

Baltimore SEO & Website Design Expert

We specializes in search optimization for small to mid-sized businesses. This typically means local and regional search optimization services, we have the experience to reconfigure our services for national level campaigns when needed. It’s important to understand that no SEO agency can promise specific organic ranking results.

We’ve developed various systems and workflows to accomplish successful page one results. They allow our experts to efficiently identify creative ways to leverage both on and off site search optimization strategies that deliver the search results that your business is looking for.

Our core Baltimore Maryland SEO & Website Design Expert business values are centered on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients by making sure that you are always kept in the know around the strategies we employ for your search optimization and marketing campaigns, and aligning what we’ve documented and align results to your specific goals used to rank your services and products.

SEO activities vary in complexity, application sequence and constancy but they are always happening to any website given the differing circumstances such as your competition, algorithms, mobile and social landscape and what the search engines are looking for as signals to rank your web site.

At a high level, below are some of the various tasks that a Baltimore SEO & Web Design Expert works on for every client, but it excludes some of secret ranking sauce we’ve developed over the years and through strategic mentorships and masterminds we are fortunate to have.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization Tasks

On-site search optimization involves reviewing and updating your businesses website so it can appear distinctly to search engines and builds significant relevance for your keywords you’re looking to rank for in the SERPs.  This is critically important to businesses looking to rank locally and/or nationally.  Businesses must realize that optimization for local will be different than for regional or national and it important to define their business objectives at the onset of starting any SEO activities.   Here are a few of the (many) specific on-site tasks we would perform for your business:

On-Site Search Engine Optimization -Page Title Review & Alignment

All major search engines utilize the webpage title to establish what the webpage is actually about. As a best practice, the title should associate the webpage contents with a single topic.  If you’re a lawyer, you should not mix divorce services with criminal defense services on the same page as the search engines will get confused as to what the title is about vs. the contents in the page. It not uncommon to see search rankings significantly improve after a review and proper reconfiguration / definition of titles on your webpages.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization – URL Structure

CMSs systems such as Joomla and Word-Press will frequently create URLs that contain non-meaningful characters such as “?” and “&” by default. Businesses should carefully think through and craft URLs to delineate parent pages, topic, and the specific page’s position as part of the overall hierarchy of the website.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization – Image Alt-Text

This is quite frequently one the consistently overlooked aspects of image optimization that many businesses forget to implement, yet it has considerable SEO value in it.  None of the search engines can read text (yet) in an image so make it easy for them to by populating the “Alt Text” field.  The image alt text field/tag is a descriptive field that should be added to every image across your website and digital presence.  The text in this field should be used to accurately describe the image as concisely as possible and by doing so it will provide optimize equity to your website and the page it’s on.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization Tasks

Links pointing to a website are considered credibility and relevance votes for a site.  This is done through anchor text used in source link pointing to the target site. The more relevant and powerful the referring domain, the better the anchor text, the more of likely it would be leverage by search engines to increase your own ranking in the SERPS.   To explain further, if someone creates a hyperlink to your website using anchor text of “Baltimore Lawyer”, it would sent it authority to you as a Baltimore Lawyer. If your website has a high degree of authority in the legal space, the heavier consideration search engines would place on where to rank the target site.

The passing of power would happen if the link to your site was what we call “do-follow”.  From a link building perspective most of these do follow links would only be created by someone with administrative access to the linking site. Most blog comment section links are “no-follow” and would not provide any SEO equity / link juice to the linked site. These type of links provide no benefit to the arget because the linking website doesn’t vouch for their relevancy.

Our Baltimore Maryland SEO & Website Design Expert believes in natural link building as an important strategy to rank your website.  We use practical and safe methods to secure valuable links that transfer power and relevance for your business website.  Some of the sources that we leverage to build links for your company website can be grouped in the following buckets:

  1. Citation Sites
  2. Social Sites
  3. Congruent Blogging Sites
  4. Authority Sites Like Wikipedia

Business-to-Business (B2B) Links

Do you provide a service or products to other companies or have strategic partnerships with other companies? Or do you deliver a specific set of legal services and partner with other lawyers for other legal areas you don’t cover?  If your partners have websites with authority and are agreeable to link to you to mention that you sell their service and products, you can do the same for them.

Directory Listings

A proper SEO strategy will incorporate as many relevant and powerful citations as well.  Think of citations as shout outs for your business with the full name, address and postal code (typically referred to as NAP) that establishes location relevance for your business.   The more common and relevant of these citations is from local directories such as Foursquare, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.  We get you business listed on 300+ powerful citation sites and we constantly work to ensure they are accurate via our Surge Power Presence platform.

Travel Related Listings & Resources

We’ve taken a lot of time and analyzed many top ranking local sites across the country found that many of them include pages such as “Hotels in Baltimore Maryland.” We use our very own custom platform to locate these valuable links and leverage them to improve your search ranking.

SEO Ranking Tips for 2017 & Beyond

Other SEO Related Services

Our complete Baltimore SEO Expert strategy, in addition to the above services, also includes the following:

  1. A blog that creates additional keyword equity and relevance for your business
  2. Our social media Monitoring
  3. Online Citation and Presence (Surge) Platform
  4. Reputation Marketing & Management

As a Top Baltimore SEO & Website Design Agency, our top priority is to help you dominate the search engines so that you can crush it at growing your business.  Complete this discovery form to get your business ranked on Google. We’ll provide your with an initial free video analysis and follow up with a 1 hour strategy session catered specifically for your business.

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